By young people, for young people

The Youth Wellbeing Journey is by young people for young people! We have created a video series to run in tandem with the series for adults, to help young people go on the same Wellbeing Journey. Filmed from the perspective of four young people, we are excited to see lots more join them and discover more of God’s plan for their own wellbeing.

Every episode is a journey. There is a journey to a physical location; a journey to overcome challenges and a journey through content, all based around the six areas of wellbeing: physical, emotional, spiritual, relational, financial, and vocational wellbeing.

Each of the young people faces a series of challenges as they go on their Wellbeing Journey. The challenge format was created by The Way Studios in order that young people taking part in the journey travel with others.

Young people are facing the greatest challenges of any generation when it comes to wellbeing. Let’s invite young people to experience God’s plan for their wellbeing!

What’s included?

Living room conversations

Pause points

Journeying to locations

Reflection moments

Challenges received & acted upon

‘Call a mentor/leader’ video

Video diaries

  • 'The Wellbeing Journey is a great opportunity to explore God’s closeness and His overwhelming kindness. It’s a chance to contemplate and absorb at a deeper level the way our Father cares for us and has a plan for our wellbeing.’

    Andy Croft
    Joint Senior Pastor, Soul Survivor Watford
  • 'I love that The Wellbeing Journey thinks about us as whole people, and addresses how we thrive physically, emotionally, spiritually and in so many other ways. This is a resource for you, and your neighbours, and your friends. Whoever you are, your wellbeing matters and takes time and attention to keep healthy. I recommend this resource as a great place to start.'

    Miriam Swanson
    Global Student Mission Leader - Fusion
  • ‘We have the opportunity of a life time to help a generation go on a journey to discover that God doesn’t just care about their wellbeing but he has a plan for it. This generation can experience the peace and discover the humanity of Jesus.’

    Dan Randall
    HOPE Together
  • ‘These are challenging times in youth ministry, with growing concerns nationally around the mental health of our young people. Now, more than ever, the wellbeing of our young people is of paramount importance. I’m delighted to see this creative and engaging video series enable young people to go on a journey towards holistic health, in a vibrant, fun, informative and practical way, engaging young people where they are at, and helping young people ‘be well’ in every sphere of life. Bring it on!'

    Phil Timson
    Kingsgate Community Church
  • ‘Right now there's nothing out there which is giving a faith perspective on wellbeing like this. It's come at the perfect time in our cultural moment. Invite a friend and explore what doing relationships well, approaching money well, taking care of mental health and physical health looks like. I am so PUMPED for this series!’

    Mark Janes
    The Way UK
  • ‘Never has the issue of “Wellbeing” seemed so pertinent. Dave Smith’s new book, resulting from years of ‘walking the walk’ himself, is pleasing in every way. It is biblically -based, carefully considered, practically presented and ... timely ! Dave addresses so many aspects of our lives, be they physical or emotional, financial or spiritual, vocational or relational. And to have woven them into a single tapestry, as in this wonderful book is skilful indeed.’

    Eleanor Mumford
    Vineyard Churches
  • 'Our young people need this course at this time. Too many have had their wellbeing negatively impacted by the pandemic at such a critical period in their development. The Wellbeing Journey for youth means the church can offer real help and get young people talking about their own wellbeing.'

    Dr Rachel Jordan-Wolf
    HOPE Together
  • 'As someone immersed in the world of wellbeing and mental health, it’s great to see the Wellbeing Journey take a proactive approach to teaching resilience to young people. Prevention is always better than cure. The Wellbeing Journey covers the skills we all need to live life well, and offers them to young people. If you are wondering how best to equip young people to face the challenges of life, this is a go-to resource.'

    Dr Roger Bretherton
    Clinical Psychologist and Associate Professor, University of Lincoln


HOPE Together is a catalyst bringing churches together to transform communities in villages, towns and cities. Our vision is a praying, growing church, that makes Jesus known together with words and action.

KingsGate Community Church is a multi-cultural, inter-generational family of people whose lives are being transformed by the power of God’s love. Since small beginnings in Peterborough in 1988 it has grown – still as one church, but meeting in multiple locations and online.

HOPE Together and KingsGate Community Church are working in collaboration with The Way to produce The Youth Wellbeing Journey.